Casper Smart may not be out of the picture just yet. He and former flame Jennifer Lopez were spotted out together in Los Angeles this week, with Smart, 27, driving her white BMW, two months after they split. Lopez obviously did not want to be seen, and ducked when she noticed photographers snapping their picture.


In June, the 44-year-old entertainer opened up about their breakup, which occurred after she and the backup dancer were together for two years.  Throughout their time as a couple the relationship caused controversy because of their age difference.

“It can be difficult, but before it hit the press, the transition had already happened for me, so I was already kind of prepared," Lopez told New York radio station 105.1's "Breakfast Club" morning show. "I’m used to the press saying things I [don't] want them to say or that’s not true or all that kind of stuff... I don’t have to say whether he did or didn’t [cheat]. It’s not about that; it’s about what we know. We’re still friends. We’re so good…we are so good.”

Weeks before their split became public, two transgender models came forward claiming to have shared intimate moments with Smart. He denied the claims, telling Us Weekly, "There is no truth to any meeting or physical encounter."

A second woman, Sofie Vissa, 23, also accused Smart of exchanging sexy photos and intimate text messages with her.

When asked if she would still work with him, Lopez said, “I could, yeah. And actually when we worked together, we did some good stuff. I liked what we did together. He’s a creative guy, and again, you can’t believe everything you read. Trust me.”