The J.Lo TATS Cru mural suit has been settled, The Daily News reports. The unauthorized use in a Fiat ad was resolved at high speed, and while terms are confidential, the Cru seems down with it. I'm happy they turned around and are doing the right thing, said Cru member Wilfredo (Bio) Feliciano, the paper noted.

Fiat's owner, Chrysler said in a statement, We are pleased to announce that that the parties have reached an amicable resolution to this matter. Details of this agreement are confidential.

The commercial first caused trouble for J.Lo when it turned out she hadn't actually been in the hood for the filming, dispite the fact that she says in the ad, this is my world, as a shot of the  Whitlock Ave., E. 165th St. TATS Cru murals, in the Bronx are shown.

The murals are copyrighted. TATS Cru has worked with major stars and brands for 30 years, including Coca-Cola, Nike and Beyonce.