Jenny McCarthy has done it again, causing drama without even saying anything inflammatory, at least recently. After the model and comedian was named to “The View's” panel, Twitter exploded with snarky remarks about her beliefs on vaccines causing autism in children. Some people believe the 40-year-old mother will use her new gig as a platform to expound her views to impressionable young mothers.

Though there isn’t any scientific evidence to prove vaccines directly cause autism in children, McCarthy believes her 11-year-old son Evan Asher, who has an autism spectrum disorder, might have developed it from getting too many inoculations. In May 2007 she started to campaign against childhood immunizations, wrote.

After the funny lady announced she would be a part of the show, McCarthy wrote on her blog how happy she was for the new opportunity, but didn’t once mention autism: “I can’t tell you how excited I am for the opportunity to work with Barbara, Whoopi and Sherri,” the former Playboy model said. “I will be doing everything I can to provoke conversation, make you think, make you laugh and maybe even spill the beans on what goes on backstage (like if I accidentally barge into Bradley Cooper’s dressing room in a towel).”

But her reticence didn’t stop Dr. Claire McCarthy (presumably no relation), a pediatrician and medical communications director at Boston Children's Hospital, from criticizing ABC’s choice to hire the starlet. In a blog post for The Boston Globe she wrote: "By choosing Jenny McCarthy to be a host on 'The View,' ABC made a decision that could end up costing lives -- even worse, the lives of children. Jenny McCarthy believes that vaccines caused her son to be autistic. Never mind that it's not clear that he was actually autistic, none of the claims she has made about vaccines and autism are backed up by, um, any medical evidence."

Twitter began to spiral out of control Monday after it the "The View's" move was announced, and this is all before she even officially started on the show.

Here’s what some tweets about McCarthy’s new career move, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter: