Jenny McCarthy “cougar-raped” Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

It was McCarthy, 40, who made up the term “cougar rape” as she came from behind the young singer and planted her lips on the 18-year-old Biebs.

Bieber was accepting an AMA for Favorite Pop/Rock album for “Believe” when McCarthy grabbed him by the back of his neck and laid three smooches on the teen idol. He didn’t even have a chance to accept the award before she made her move.

Bieber took it with grace, pretending to wipe off the kisses from the older woman, and laughed it off, but it’s not clear whether the singer’s girlfriend, whom he has publicly been feuding with, Selena Gomez, was amused.

“Emotions … took over,” she told Access Hollywood backstage later. “I kind of molested him. Then I decided to turn his neck around and bite his neck a little bit.”

But McCarthy didn’t stop with Bieber’s neck; she also groped the teen sensation.

“And then as he turned around I grabbed his butt a little bit,” McCarthy said.

“A cougar fantasy maybe,” she admitted.

But the blonde bombshell might have wasted her kisses when she “cougar raped” Justin Bieber.

Speaking to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, Pitt Bull explained that he would have enjoyed the smooches from McCarthy.

“I wish Jenny McCarthy would have touched me like that,” he quipped.

Check out the video below to see Jenny McCarthy live out her 40-year-old cougar fantasies on the 18-year-old Justin Bieber: