He's smart, handsome, funny, athletic...and he happens to be taking the basketball world by storm with his phenomenal skill on the court. New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin's underdog story has unsurprisingly won over the hearts of sports fans and--inevitably--the hearts of lady admirers.

It's unclear who that special lady is, or even if Lin has one at all. Because the 23-year-old Harvard grad came virtually out of nowhere, there has barely been a moment for gossip on his love life. The Knicks signed Jeremy Lin, undrafted by the NBA and right out of Harvard, just a couple of months ago. He sat on the bench in New York for a month before getting a chance to play more minutes.

Now he's been introduced to the world, it's hard to imagine the basketball star will be alone for long.

First, Lin stands out on the court. The New York Knicks haven't lost a game since the NBA star started playing with them, and his last-minute 3-pointers during Tuesday night's game against the Toronto Raptors had fans declaring Happy Val-LIN-tines day on Twitter. As far as the public knows, he spent the holiday of love with his team.

He also happens to come from Harvard, and whose mother doesn't want their daughter to date a Harvard grad? Some gossip sites have floated the rumor that Lin had a girlfriend at his Ivy League school, but the rumors are that they have amicably parted ways.

Lin knows how to work hard, but he's also got a sense of humor. Since Linsanity took over, old YouTube videos from his college days have resurfaced--including a hilarious skit called How to Get into Harvard and an adorable video of him doing the dougie.

And he's a Christian, too. The funny Harvard skit concludes with Proverbs 3:5-7 (Trust in the Lord with all your heart...) and Lin says that I realized God had a plan for me.

Perhaps Lin is like Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, the religious NFL sensation who said he's way too focused on the game to worry about girls.

Or perhaps Lin wants our help. Here's a list of a few ladies we think would be a great match for him (click the slide show above).