Things got Lin-tense in Canada last night for New York basketball fans.

In their most difficult game since Jeremy Lin came off the bench, the Knicks emerged victorious against the Toronto Raptors, after a last minute 13-1 scoring run followed by a buzzer beating 3-pointer by Lin himself for a final score of 90-87. The game marked New York's sixth straight victory, the team's longest winning streak this season, which began when Lin came off the bench against the New Jersey Nets. The Asian-American point guard finished with 27 points and a career-high 11 assists.

I'm thankful that my coach and teammates trust me with the ball at the end of the game, Lin said in a news conference. I like having it at the end of the game.

For the first time since Jeremy Lin took center stage he was joined by Amar'e Stoudemire, who has missed four games while mourning the death of his older brother. Stoudemire had 21 points and nine rebounds last night.

What every Jeremy Lin fan is wondering is how the team will function following the return of the Knicks' leading scorer Carmelo Anthony, who suffered a groin injury early during Jeremy Lin's first starting game against Utah and has been sidelined since then.

Responding to a Toronto reporter's question regarding Anthony's eventual return, Lin stated that he was looking forward to working with the team's starting small forward.

We're just going to be comfortable with each other, he said. Trying to figure out, where do you like the ball? When do you like the ball? Which block? Which elbow? It's going to be a little process.

When asked if he kept tabs on the teams that had rejected him, Lin responded, I'm thankful for anyone who gives me an opportunity and I have no hard feelings toward any organization, especially the Warriors because they gave me a whole year to grow.

Regarding Kobe Bryant, who told reporters before his game against Lin that he didn't know who that player was, Lin noted that He didn't say anything to me. he just helped me up once when I fell over.

Watch the entire press conference below, and tune in tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST to watch Lin and the Knicks take on Sacramento.