Jeremy Lin's famed rookie card may have sold for just over $21,000 on eBay, but there are still a handful of other unique Lin-related items--some more useful than others--that are still up for sale on the auction site.

A pair of Lin's boxer briefs from Harvard, or at least what the seller said was so, had been up for sale last week. The seller also claims that he or she bought the briefs from someone who shared a room with Lin at Harvard, according to a screenshot of the eBay post, which Buzzfeed captured a week ago. However, the ad has since been taken down.

Another seller put a Lin shoelace that the New York Knicks point guard (supposedly) wore during his rookie years up for sale that sold for just two dollars moments ago.

After the Knicks lost to the Miami Heat 102-88 on Feb. 23, it seems as though Lin-sanity has calmed a bit. However, it also seems like many still seek to cash in on both Lin's previous accomplishments and potential future success with various souvenirs, apparel and memorabilia.

Here are five other unique eBay items besides the card and underwear that have been on eBay and may or may not draw interest from buyers: