Although Jeremy Minnier may not be old enough to drink the less than 80 residents living in Aredale, Iowa, felt the 18 year old was old enough to make policy decisions. He was elected mayor of the small town last Tuesday.

The high school senior won the race with 24 write-in votes and defeated the incumbent Mayor Virgil Homer who scored eight votes.

Minnier's father was also a mayor in their small hometown. The teenager told NPR that his father was supportive of his election victory.

He said, 'I think you're taking something under your hands that you're not going to be able to handle, Minnier said. He knew what it was like.

Minnier said people think that he is too young for this kind of work.

Well there's a lot of young adults that are interested in these topics, Minnier said.

On Minnier's agenda is to improve his town's appearance and find solutions to Aredale's water access issues. His plans also include still being active with his church group and the future farmers of America.

I've pretty much cleaned everybody's gutters in Aredale, Minnier told NPR. The people look at that and think that's a good thing.

Minnier will assume office Jan. 3.

Listen to Minnier speak with NPR here.