Former NHL star Jeremy Roenick responded Wednesday to Pittsburgh Penguins forward Matt Cooke's four-game suspension for a hit on Columbus Blue Jacket Fedor Tyutin. 

In an interview with Mike Ross on XM Radio's Home Ice program, Roenick called Cooke's hit blatant and chicken****.

Here is video of the hit Roenick is referring to.

Roenick continued in the interview, calling the hit the reason why someone's going to get either paralyzed or killed on the ice one of these days. Roenick claims that Cooke is one of the least-liked players in the NHL for his style of play, and routinely does the type of thing that gives players bad names, gives guys bad names.

The former Chicago Blackhawks star added that because of the (perceived) intent on the play, Cooke deserved a longer suspension than the four games he received. That situation last night did not happen instinctively. It did not happen quickly. He had three or four seconds to make up his mind and drive those numbers into the glass. That's a situation where you take Matt Cooke, because of his history, into the office and you give him 20 games flat. Twenty games, gone, thanks for coming.

Roenick closed out the interview by saying the only way players will curb this behavior is if their paychecks are affected, and Cooke's wallet will certainly be a lot lighter as a result of this four-game suspension. He stands to forfeit over $87,000 in salary.