Jermaine Jones tugged at heartstrings nationwide with a sad childhood tale and a soulful singing voice. But recent reports found Jones isn't as innocent as you were once led to believe.

TMZ discovered that Jones had a violent past that included criminal charges. He committed two crimes in 2011 and attempted to evade police by giving them a false name. Jones also neglected to tell 'American Idol' producers that he had outstanding warrants.

Jones initially told show producers his father abandoned him 10 years ago.

Jones tweeted on his official 'Idol' account that he was being kicked off the show after the news broke.

Awww I will no longer b on the show he wrote before the account was deleted.

Ratings Conspiracy?

Could 'Idol' producers have planned this all along?

'American Idol' has seen sharp competition from ever since 'The Voice' debuted on rival network NBC.

'The Voice' has been winning the ratings game, beating out 'Idol' among viewers from 18 to 49, its key demographic, for the last five weeks.

'The Voice' has been dubbed the new hit singing competition and 'Idol' may be looking for scandal to help boost ratings. Did they find it in Jones?

The Hollywood Reporter suggests 'Idol' producers knew about Jones' criminal past all along and that they chose to keep it a secret - a card stowed in their back pocket to be pulled out only in case of emergency.

Jones will make his final appearance on 'American Idol' tonight.