JWoww--the curvy cast member of the Jersey Shore and recent Maxim cover model--is being sued for more than $150,000 because she never warned her landlord that she planned to allow the show to be filmed inside her home according to a TMZ report.

The lawsuit says that JWoww leased a residence in Long Island in 2008 from someone named Stuart Levine. Once she moved in, JWoww allowed 495 productions to shoot a few scenes for the first season of Jersey Shore.

Levine says he didn't known that Jwoww had allowed the production company to film inside of the residence he owned. He first found out about the shoot once he saw it on television. He also says that JWoww doesn't retain the authority to use the home for commercial filming.

For use of the home, Levine is  suing JWoww and 495 Productions.

JWoww's former landord filed the lawsuite Monday in a New York court, according to The Hollywood Reporter. JWoww has most recently been filiming a spin-off of the Jersey Shore with her former castmate Snooki.

MTV News recently reported that Jersey Shore might be coming back for a sixth season. While no official decision has been made, MTV News says that one cast member is especially eager to get back to the shore. DJ Pauly D told the publication, Absolutely! I'm there! I love summers on the Jersey Shore...I love it as a show, and I love it with my roommates. I wouldn't do it without [them]. I gotta do it with them. I want all of them, and I want the Jersey Shore. 

DJ Pauly D also has a Jersey Shore spin-off approaching its kick off date, March 29, called The Pauly D Project. The new show will follow he life of DJ Pauly D and reveal what it's like to be a world-renown DJ.