Jessa and Ben Seewald celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Sunday and the soon-to-be parents decided to splurge a little -- on their diets, that is. Rather than head out for a fancy dinner, the couple, who began courting on TLC's now defunct series "19 Kids and Counting," hit up a local eatery for some simple, yet delicious, eats. 

As was reported by Us Weekly, Jessa, 22, shared a photo from her and husband Ben's celebratory feast on Instagram. The photo showed her and her 20-year-old hubby chowing down on ice cream and french fries. In her caption she noted that while it may not have been the healthiest choice, it was certainly tasty.

Earlier that same day Jessa shared a never before seen video from her and Ben's wedding on the Seewald family blog. She told Instagram followers she was "super excited" the be showing the video to the public for the first time since her wedding, adding that she had watched it several times that day and cried each time. Jessa then shared a special message to her husband, calling him her "best friend" and the love of her life before thanking God for uniting them. 

While this weekend was a big one for Jessa and Ben the couple are currently awaiting an even bigger milestone in their marriage: the arrival of their first child. Jessa's projected due date was Nov. 1, though it appears she has not yet gone into labor. On Saturday she joked with Instagram followers about trying to onset her labor by eating an entire pineapple revealing that she had no success. Her attempt to coax baby Seewald out of the womb came just one day after she shared a photo of her growing baby bump at 39 weeks, 4 days along.