It's been 5 days since Jessa Seewald gave birth and she and husband Ben Seewald have yet to reveal the name of their first child. While fans are growing impatient, Jessa, 22, recently took the time to answer some of their burning questions on Facebook. The former reality star, who rose to fame on TLC's now-canceled series "19 Kids and Counting," provided some serious insight into why the child's name remains a mystery.

On Monday she replied to a fan who commented on one of her Facebook status updates inquiring about her son's name. Jessa shared with the curious commenter that she and Ben, 20, do plan to make the information public in time. She added, however, that fans will have to wait until they decide on a name. Jessa claimed she and Ben are still trying to "settle" on a suitable title for their baby boy, but gave no hits as to what they may be considering and when they planned to make a final decision. 

The first photos of the former "19 Kids and Counting" star's child were released Nov. 5 via People magazine. The photo showed Jessa and Ben's son wrapped in a fuzzy brown blanket while sucking on his index finger. No details about the child's birth were released with the photo. Several more pictures were released after his birth, showing baby Seewald's first meeting with Jessa's grandmother, Mary Duggar, and father, Jim Bob Duggar. There was also a photo of new dad Ben looking on adoringly at his creation. 

Jessa and Ben welcomed their first child, which they nicknamed Baby Quincy during their pregnancy, the same day the photos were released. Fans learned of the baby's arrival thanks largely in part to a Facebook post from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Jessa's parents. The now five-time grandparents wrote that they were "especially excited" to meet Jessa and Ben's son, adding that "Jessa will certainly be a wonderful mom." No other information was revealed at the time.