Jessa and Ben Seewald’s family is about to get a little bigger and it’s clear the second-time parents-to-be are over the moon about their latest bundle of joy. The duo announced their pregnancy in August and have been sharing updates along the way, just as they did with their first son.

On Thursday, Jessa, 24, shared a video with fans, providing them with a very real look inside the life of an expectant mother. The brief clip on Instagram showed her unborn child moving inside her stomach. The movement is visible on camera — something Jessa said in her caption that she is still in “awe” of, despite having given birth before.

Although Jessa is now well on her way to being a mother of two, she has been open about the fact that coming from such a large family there is a lot of pressure to have kids — and fast. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she was asked about newly wed sister Jinger Duggar’s plans to get pregnant. Jessa explained that while they would love for her and husband Jeremy Vuolo, who wed on Nov. 5, to have kids, they are giving them time.

“I mean, Jinger and Jeremy are just getting married so like, we’re going to give them time,” she told ET. “You know, no pressure.”

Jinger has been quiet about her pregnancy plans thus far. During a recent interview with People, Jeremy revealed that both he and his wife love children, but they are not sure how many they will have. Jessa, however, appears to be shooting for a large brood. Her first son, Spurgeon Elliott Seewald, turned one year old in November. She is now several months pregnant with her second child, which some believe may even be twins.

While there has been no confirmation of that, an October preview for the TLC series “Counting On,” showed Jessa and Ben making the announcement that they are expecting. In it, the pair explained the photo they used to inform fans, which featured a sign that read, “Doubling the love.” Jessa said that the sign lead many to believe that she had not one, but two buns in the oven. While she insisted that was not what the sign was intended to mean, husband Ben made it clear that it was not to be ruled out.

“Although it could be twins,” he said, “We never know.”

Jessa also shared some new details about her pregnancy in the clip, revealing that she was 17.5 weeks along at the time. She said that she was “feeling great” this time around, adding that her second pregnancy was moving along much faster than the first. Jessa attributed the speed at which time appeared to be passing to spending most of her days busy with her son.

“I think the first pregnancy it seemed a lot longer because every week we were counting down the weeks, the months, until baby would be here,” she said. “This time around, we’re chasing little Spurgeon so I think the weeks are going by a lot faster. I can’t believe we’re almost to the halfway mark already.”

Jessa is more than 25 weeks along at this point, according to a post on the Duggar Family Blog from October. She and Ben are set to welcome their second child in February 2017.