Jessa Seewald is ready to meet baby Quincy. The former “19 Kids & Counting” star posted a photograph on Instagram Friday jokingly telling her fans that she ate an entire pineapple in the hope of going into labor: “Haha! So has anyone else tried the ‘eating an entire fresh pineapple’ thing for helping to bring on labor? Apparently it doesn’t work for everyone, ’cause I ate the whole thing yesterday ... and still no signs of labor! (Sure was a tasty pineapple tho!) Guess #BabySeewald still wants to camp out in there a little longer! Patience, Mama, patience ... #39Weeks5days.”

The 22-year-old’s due date is Nov. 1, which is also the same day she and husband Ben Seewald, 20, celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The Duggar daughter and her husband have decided not to publicly share their baby’s gender until after the birth, but gave their unborn child the nickname “Quincy.”

Jessa Seewald has been updating fans on her pregnancy the entire time, and Thursday she shared a photo of her huge baby bump and wrote that she was “as big as a barn” and “soooo ready to meet my baby.”

Even though Jessa Seewald is preparing for the baby’s arrival, the TLC star revealed on the Duggar Family Blog last week that she and her husband still wanted to adopt a child. The couple has openly discussed adoption since getting engaged last year.

“[Adoption] is definitely something that is very dear to our heart,” she wrote. “As Christians, adoption is such a beautiful picture and reminder of God’s love for us in adopting us into His family.” 

Jessa Seewald went on to write that she and her husband have been studying up on adoption and plan to take classes within the next year.