A Michigan mother who disappeared on Friday while working the late shift at a gas station is now believed to have been abducted, authorities said Sunday.

Jessica Heeringa, 25, made her last sale at the Exxon gas station in Norton Shores, Mich., at around 11 p.m., police told ABC News.  She was supposed to be closing the store for the night, but 15 minutes later police said that they received a call from a concerned customer, who reported that there were no attendants working at the still-open station.

"She was going to get out in 15 minutes," Shelly Heeringa, the victim’s mother, told ABC News. "In 15 minutes that store would've been closed and she would've been on her way home."

After her disappearance, Heeringa’s purse and keys were left at the gas station, as well as the cleaning supplies that she always used while closing the gas station, her mother told ABC News.

“I’m sure she was abducted,” Shelly Heeringa told The Muskegon Chronicle. “(There was) no struggle. She was cleaning a machine, she left her car keys, (and) no money was taken from the gas station.”

Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw echoed the elder Heeringa’s assertion that robbery was not a motive, as the gas station’s cash drawer was left undisturbed, ABC News reports.

The Exxon gas station where Heeringa worked does not have any survellience cameras, so authorities are relying on tips to determine what happened during the 15-minute window where she is believed to have gone missing.

Shaw told ABC News that local authorities are seeking a silver minivan, possibly a Chrysler Town and Country, that was seen in Jessica’s vicinity prior to her disappearance.

While police have yet to reveal any suspects, Shelly Heeringa told ABC News that a witness saw her daughter "walk out of the store with this guy like there was no problem," before engaging in a struggle inside the person’s van.

"If somebody did take her, I wish they would just drop her some place so she could come home," Heeringa told ABC News.

"She's just a hard working girl. She was trying to support her child," she added. "She was trying to get her life going and she just needs to come home."

Heeringa is described as a white female, 5-feet 1-inches tall, around 110 pounds, with blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair, The Muskegon Chronicle reports. In addition, she may be wearing rim glasses and/or a blue collared shirt with “Sternberg Exxon” on it.