It's kind of like going to Costco: You buy in bulk and you get big savings -- at least that's the idea behind JetBlue's new "GoPack."

Many loyal JetBlue customers were eagerly awaiting the return of the beloved "All-You-Can-Jet" program, which offered a period of unlimited flights for a flat fee. JetBlue, however, has confirmed on several occasions that the days of unlimited flights are in the past. The future, it seems, is GoPacks.

The GoPack works like this: Each "pack" includes 10 nonstop, one-way flights to select destinations from Sept. 13 to Dec. 19 (with blackout dates around Thanksgiving between Nov. 20 and Nov. 26). There are seven options out of Boston, New York, San Juan, Pittsburgh and Long Beach, Calif., that range in price from $699 to $2,499. Each flight can be booked up to 90 minutes prior to departure using a GoPack code and comes with JetBlue's normal offerings, like free snacks and beverages, free in-flight entertainment, one free checked bag and TrueBlue points from the airline's customer loyalty program.

"We listen to what our customers want, and based on their feedback we've expanded our GoPack offering to 32 markets, up from our original offers of California and Boston to Washington, D.C., which included just three markets. We've also extended the travel window to three months to give customers more time to use their pass," said JetBlue's director of revenue management, Roger Johnson.

Like the All-You-Can-Jet program, the pack covers travel during a period where demand typically drops. Unlike the All-You-Can-Jet program, the GoPack will likely appeal more to business travelers who frequent the same routes within their region. With the exception of the $2,499 cross-country package offering flights between Boston/New York and Los Angeles/San Francisco, most packages are for routes from major cities to smaller regional hubs.

While the discounts may not be great, the flexibility and ease of travel may be the biggest appeal. Be sure, however, to read the fine print. GoPacks are not refundable or changeable after purchase, and each flight is subject to additional taxes and fees that range from $7 to $69. There is also a $50 change fee if you alter a ticket once you've booked it.

The packages went on sale Tuesday and must be purchased by Sept. 6 "or while supplies last."

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