Two commercial jets collided at Miami International Airport on Thursday night.

According to airport spokesman Marc Henderson, as cited by the Miami Herald, no one was injured during the collision.

Reports indicated that the incident took place as an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus arrived with 240 passengers onboard, and struck an Air France 777-300 plane preparing to leave for Paris with some 350 passengers onboard. Both planes were quickly surrounded by rescue units and airport workers on the tarmac.

While passengers arriving from Argentina were allowed off the plane, passengers on the Air France flight were forced to pick up their luggage and stand in line for hours to reschedule their flights.

The Miami Herald reported that passengers were in four lines at the Air France counters, with some customers even getting hostile toward each other.

“The first altercation I saw was a group of guys that got fed up with people cutting in front of them,” Alex Legion, 24, a professional basketball player from Hungary, told the local news outlet. “The second altercation I saw was when people from business class started to cut the economy line and a lady and a guy got into an argument.

Veronica Ramudo, a 29-year-old teacher, told the Herald that she was walking to her seat, 49-F, when she felt “like an earthquake was happening.”

When she reached her seat, an announcement was made in three languages that another plane had hit the Air France flight.

Another group of graduate students who had just finished exploring the Everglades and the Florida Keys said, “the plane shook a bit but the hit wasn't strong enough to make it lose stability."

Jose Mora, a student, told the Herald, “The plane hadn't even moved from the gate. No one panicked. The damage was minimal."

Last month, two commercial aircraft were damaged at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport when the wingtip of one clipped the tail section of the other, which was parked and out of service.

An investigation is under way.