Jill Dillard recently touched on the idea of adding another baby to her and husband Derick Dillard’s brood on Season 2 of “Counting On,” but an Instagram post has some TLC fans buzzing she may already be expecting. Her decision to post about her latest go-to snack created has created a flurry online. 

“My hubby brought me one of my favorite #studysnacks,” Jill recently posted to the social media site. The 25-year-old said green beans doused in salt and vinegar, which she dubs “green french fries,” are one of her go-to treats. While Jill noted the snack has been a longtime “family fav” and something she’s enjoyed since childhood, keen-eyed fans noticed the snack was similar to one she craved while pregnant with her son Israel, now 1.

“You craved that when you were pregnant! Anything you have to tell us!?” one fan commented, another asking if the post was a “pregnancy hint.” “It was her pregnancy cravings when she was pregnant with Izzy,” said another follower. “Jill’s pregnant! I just KNOW it,” said one fan, a comment echoed by dozens of the reality star’s followers. 

Jill has not responded to the pregnancy speculation and has posted several updates on her page since, but this is far from the first time “Counting On” fans have been buzzing about another possible Dillard baby. A photo of her and Derick arriving home from their overseas mission trip last month also sparked rumors she may be with child. 

Jill and Derick’s first photo back stateside had some viewers convinced she was pregnant due to her choice of dress and pose, which appeared to subtly block any possible baby bump from view. “Is she having another baby? Is that why they’re going to be home for several months, so she can deliver around family?” one fan questioned. Another commentor pointed out that the top Jill was sporting in the picture was also from a maternity line.

While Jill has fans buzzing about a speculated second baby, she recently shared she doesn’t think she’ll be the next Duggar to get pregnant. Speaking to Us Weekly last month she said she believes her engaged sister Jinger Duggar will be the next to announce a bundle of joy is on the way. “Derick’s bet is on Jinger!” Jill told the magazine. “We will just have to wait and see!”

Of course, there is at least one confirmed Duggar baby on the way. Jessa Seewald has announced she and husband Ben Seewald are expecting their second child in February.