Classic Jim Rogers - obviously he is on the same train as Marc Faber in terms of printing presses on overdrive [May 15, 2009: This was a Central Bank Printing Press Rally] As with Faber, Rogers is mostly stuck on CNBC Asia or Europe... dont' want to disrupt green seeds stateside. He is not short or hedged in anything at the moment, but buying Japanese Yen. The next crisis in his eyes are currencies which makes sense since sovereign states have taken much of the bad debt from the banks and piled them onto their own balance sheets (or if you will their central banks)... i.e. toxic is taken from private parties and splayed onto the backs of the public. Capitalism! Wait, Socialism! Wait... ok... who knows what we call it ... I call it Reverse Robin Hood.

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Mandy, you give me $5-6 Trillion dollars and I'll show you a very good time