Jim Rogers spoke to CNBC last night stating that the US is nearing an even worse Financial Crisis than 2008.

The following are some of Jim Rogers's comments to Maria Bartiromo:

US in bad shape

US Debt skyrocketing

If they close down government, then US Dollar goes up cause then people realize they're not gonna spend any money... But their not going to shut down the government in August

Draconian cuts needed in taxes and spending, especially military spending

Long term: Own Commodities

US Dollar total disaster in the long term

Currently long Dollar in the short term only for a rally due to the number of bears, including himself, out there, stepped in for a bounce

Long term: Buy Chinese Renminbi (YUAN), safer currency than the Dollar

US printing staggering amounts of money... US largest debtor nation in the history of the world

The British Pound used to be the world's reserve currency and then lost 90% of its value, and the dollar will too

Currently long commodities, long currencies, short Emerging Markets, short American technology stocks, and short one major US financial company

See below for the entire interview on CNBC: