Jimmy Fallon might be a big-shot late-night TV host these days, but he still knows that he's a comedian first and foremost.

The SNL alum and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon emcee is recording a comedy album for Warner Bros. Records, in a new deal that makes him a member of the Warner Music Nashville roster. (Does this mean there will be plenty of country offerings on the new offering?) The album will be released in summer 2012.

According to Warner, the album will include music, parodies and other impresario compositions that became instant classics after performances by Jimmy and his guests on the 'Late Night' show.'

Having a new album coming out soon on Warner Bros. means so much to me, Fallon said of the upcoming effort. Mostly, it means I should probably start writing some songs.

Fallon's 2002 comedy album The Bathroom Wall was nominated for a Grammy award in the Best Spoken Comedy Album category.