Jinkee Pacquiao, the wife of WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao, is making recent news headlines due to reported issues that the husband and wife had in the hours leading up to the champ's most recent fight against Juan Manuel Marquez III.

After the Nov. 12 fight in Las Vegas's MGM Grand Garden Arena, reports surfaced that Pacquiao had arrived significantly late to his locker room, leaving him only about 10 minutes to warm up before he made his way to the ring.

Despite not getting the complete warm-up workout that the 34-year-old fighter is used to getting before each fight, Pacquiao won a majority decision over Marquez in what has been regarded as his poorest performance in years.

In addition to the pre-fight distraction, Pacquiao's sleep was also said to be irregular during training camp because of long hours spent on the phone with his wife Jinkee, according to Yahoo Sports writer Kevin Iole.

The columnist is reporting that while Pacquiao had wanted to renew wedding vows with his wife, she was going as far as contemplating a divorce.

Lovee Arum, the wife of promoter Bob Arum, arranged for a ceremony on Nov. 13 inside the wedding chapel at the Wynn Hotel, but Jinkee declined to attend, Iole wrote.

While insider's questioned Pacquiao's weak performance on Nov. 12, the 54-3 fighter insisted that the domestic issues made no impact on him - a statement that trainer Freddie Roach has been said to disagree with.

Roach said the discord between the Pacquiaos didn't help Manny's performance and said there was a noticeable difference in him when he arrived at the arena, according to Iole.

The Yahoo sports writer also goes on to say that Roach cut Pacquiao's ritual pre-fight prayer short because he needed to get him to begin his warm-up.

Pacquiao's reported tardiness had only left about 10 minutes until the camp needed to make their way out to wring - not nearly enough time, according to Roach.

When he came into the dressing room, he wasn't smiling and he wasn't the old Manny Pacquiao I'm used to, Roach said. He was [very late arriving] and he didn't have the kind of focus you normally get from him. Obviously, he was going through a pretty serious situation in his personal life and his wife was threatening to divorce him, so that's tough for anyone to handle. I wasn't thrilled with the performance, but I'm not that critical of it given everything that was happening.

Yahoo! Sports has contacted several persons in the Pacquiao entourage in reference to his arrival time, with the earliest saying Pacquiao arrived 75 minutes later than normal and others saying he was slightly more than 90 minutes late.

Apparently even though Pacquiao left his hotel suite on time, he refused to make his was to the arena until his wife agree to go with him. Several members of his entourage went to her suite, a floor below, to plead with her. But according to witnesses, she did not emerge until Pacquiao himself went down and spent time talking with her behind closed doors, according to the report.

When the Filipino fighter did finally make it to the boxing ring, he overtook Juan Manuel Marquez III via majority decision.

Upon the results being announced, the crowd reaction was largely negative with thousands continuing to boo

Tim Smith of New York's Daily News wrote that Márquez was robbed of a decision by judges who were either blind or corrupt.