Yesterday, QuoteMedia, Inc. announced that it will provide streaming real-time portfolio management and comprehensive financial market data and research information to JitneyTrade, an online Canadian broker. JitneyTrade, a company specializing in active traders, will integrate QuoteMedia’s products into the services it offers its brokerage customers. A spokesman for the company stated that the partnership is both exciting and significant.

The company’s contracted services encompass an extensive array of its products, including raw quote and research data via QuoteMedia’s DataFeed solutions and a plethora of QuoteMedia’s content and research products. Additionally, JitneyTrade will provide its clients with Quotestream(TM) Desktop and Quotestream Wireless, the company’s companion portfolio management system.

When asked about the benefits of the newly signed agreement, QuoteMedia CEO Dave Shworan stated, “JitneyTrade is emerging as a leading Canadian broker for active traders by providing the right combination of experience, knowledge, client service, technology and information. We are thrilled that JitneyTrade has chosen to incorporate our data and technology solutions, and view their decision to implement our solutions as a significant endorsement of the quality of our offerings.”

Francesco Pasin, President and Chief Executive Officer of JitneyTrade, commented, “As an advanced-technology online brokerage firm, it is vital that we provide our customers the best possible tools to assist them in achieving success in their trading strategies. We have been very impressed by QuoteMedia’s focus on unmatched customer service, technological excellence and depth of coverage. QuoteMedia’s leading edge solutions are enabling us to provide timely, in-depth market information our clients require.”