Joan Rivers’ doctor took a selfie during a nonsurgical throat procedure at Yorkville Endoscopy in Manhattan on Aug. 29, CNN reported. The doctor, who hasn't been publicly identified, apparently took the photograph while the legendary comedian was under anesthesia.

Another doctor,  gastroenterologist Dr. Lawrence Cohen, was scheduled to perform an endoscopy on the “Fashion Police” star, 81. The procedure, supposed to help diagnose her sore throat and hoarse voice, involved inserting a camera down Rivers' throat.

After Cohen, the clinic’s medical director, finished the procedure, a biopsy was reportedly done on Rivers without consent, a source revealed. The doctor who performed the biopsy was described as Rivers’ personal ear-nose-throat physician and was not certified to perform the biopsy. 

Her vocal cords reportedly began to swell during the alleged unauthorized biopsy, which cut off the flow of oxygen to her lungs and led to cardiac arrest. She was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she died a week later.

"Even though you are a licensed physician, you still should have, if you will, the checks and balances to get your approval to practice in that particular place," Dr. Arthur Caplan, a medical ethicist at New York University's Langone Medical Center, told CNN.

Yorkville Endoscopy denied a vocal cord biopsy was done at the clinic and said Dr. Cohen "is not currently performing procedures ... nor is he currently serving as medical director."

"A biopsy of the vocal cords has never been performed at Yorkville Endoscopy," the clinic reportedly said in a statement. "General anesthesia has never been administered.

"Our anesthesiologists monitor the patient continuously utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, and remain at the bedside throughout the procedure and into recovery," the statement said.

The clinic did not confirm if a selfie was taken during Rivers’ procedure, CNN added.

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