Joey Feek's prognosis may be grim, but she's not letting her battle with terminal cancer keep her down. According to a recent post from her husband Rory Feek, the country singer has been spending as much time as possible with friends and family as she braces for the end of her days. The father of three revealed that Joey, 40, has shared several memories and important pieces of information during these bonding sessions that she'd like to be passed down to him and their kids.

Rory, 50, posted a photo on Facebook of Joey hanging out with daughter Indiana and his sister Marcy. With the photo Rory shared with fans that the sister-in-laws were looking back on the early days of a restaurant they started together nearly a decade ago. He also called his sister "a beautiful blessing." In an interview with People magazine, Rory revealed that Joey's been using these moments with loved ones to pass along stories and memories that she hopes he and their kids will hold onto long after she's gone. He told the publication that his wife is coming to terms with her condition, adding that he's taking notes regarding some of the duties he'll be taking on after Joey's death. sister Marcy reminiscing w Joey (and Indy) about how they started the restaurant together nine years ago. What a beautiful blessing Marcy Jo's has been to our family and so many others.

Posted by Joey and Rory on Tuesday, January 26, 2016



"As Joey has had to learn to come to terms with what is happening to her body and what the future holds, it's been important to her to share some things that she wants me and our girls to remember after she's gone," Rory said. "More than once, I have found myself beside her bed taking notes as she shares things like when the best time to plant the garden will be this spring, how to prune the fruit trees and to make sure we still set aside a percentage of what we make as a tithe each month."

Passing along memories and lessons isn't the only thing that's been important to Joey Feek as the end of her life nears. As was reported on Jan. 21, the Grammy nominee, who makes up one half of the musical duo Joey+Rory, refused to give up on singing through the pain despite the many treatments she's undergone during her cancer battle. He told People that although "it wasn't easy," Joey insisted that they work on their final album "Hymns That Are Important to Us." He explained that rather than going into the studio she had a microphone set up in their bedroom and would lay down her tracks on that.

Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer nearly two years ago. In that time, her condition has gotten significantly worse. Earlier this month it was reported that the singer was feeling persistent excruciating pain. Rory took to the family blog, as he has several times throughout her fight to update fans, revealing that Joey had been put on a regimen of very strong pain medications to help control her pain and keep her "comfortable." The blog post marked the first time Rory admitted that his wife was dying, telling readers he was forced to accept it after hearing the words from his wife so many times.