Secretary of State John Kerry suddenly turned #Unbelievably Small into a trending topic on Twitter Monday after he threatened Syrian dictator Bashar Assad with an “unbelievably small” attack if he does not surrender his whole presumed stockpile of chemical weapons. The hashtag also inspired various memes that poked fun at the secretary of state’s seemingly laughable ultimatum.

While at a news conference with British Foreign Secretary William Hague in London, Kerry said Americans would attack Syria if Assad did not comply:

"We will be able to hold Bashar al-Assad accountable without engaging in troops on the ground or any other prolonged kind of effort in a very limited, very targeted, short-term effort that degrades his capacity to deliver chemical weapons without assuming responsibility for Syria's civil war. That is exactly what we are talking about doing – unbelievably small, limited kind of effort," he said, according to Slate.

It wasn’t a gaffe, blunder, error or any other word that could describe a mistake: Kerry meant what he said. Syria would face almost trivial consequences if it defies the American demand. He's pretty much saying the U.S. will hit Syria, but they won't do it too hard.

Much of the Twittersverse thinks that's not much incentive for a dictator to give up his prized chemical arms. The social media site hasn’t stopped buzzing about the “unbelievably small” comment and has continued to poke fun and share silly memes.

Most notably, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., took to his Twitter account to remark that Kerry's statement was "unbelievably unhelpful." “Kerry says #Syria strike would be “unbelievably small” - that is unbelievably unhelpful,” McCain tweeted Monday. 

Check out some of the funniest reactions below: