John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Original Nude Vintage Album Photos Recovered From Loft To Be Auctioned on Thursday. Image Credit:

The original nude photographs of the late Beatles frontman John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which appeared on the cover of 1986 album Unfinished Music No 1: Two Virgins, have been put out for auction by Duke's auctioneers in Dorchester, Dorset.

The two rare self-shots of the couple, back and front that are put on sale for nearly pre-estimated 1115.45 USD (£700 ) were found by a private owner in the loft of his late mother, Daily Mail has reported.

No-one knows how the photographs emerged in Dorset, Matthew Denney, a spokesman from Duke's said. The vendor found them in his mother's attic after she died and he has no idea how she came by them.

The controversial album cover photographs showed the couple standing naked in front of the camera that appears to be self-timed, both posing emotionless and upright.

The album was John's first of the total three experimental albums recorded all-night with Yoko Ono at his home studio in Weybridge, Surrey that sparked much controvercy when it was released in Nov 1986. Several stores refused to sell it, others displayed it in brown paper bags.

Lennon was married to Cynthia when the album and photographs were made; however, he cheated on his wife for the Japanese artist, whom he met in Nov. 1966.

Their romance blossomed during the all-night long recording sessions. They even bed in at Lennon's home, while his wife was away vacationing in Greece. He later divorced Cynthia and married Ono after she became pregnant with their first child.

The auctioneers said that original front and back images that were reportedly taken in Lennon's basement apartment at Montagu Square, London, were wider than the ones on the album cover.

These are wider shots than the ones produced on the album cover and Beatles experts we have spoken to are very interested in them, Denney told Daily Mail. These are vintage photographs and there are already been quite a bit of interest in them.

The photographs that once Lennon himself referred as of two slightly overweight ex-junkies will be auctioned on Thursday, April 12, 2012.