A tooth said to belong to the late great Beatles member John Lennon will go up for auction in November.

The tooth, a molar, was reportedly given by Lennon to his former housekeeper, Dot Jarlett.

He was very generous to my mother, Jarlett's son, Barry, told the BBC. He treated her like family because he didn't really have a very big family and he really looked after my mum. He used to call her Aunty Dot.

Lennon's tooth may seem like a bizarre, if sentimental, thing to go on the auction block, but other items could give the molar a run for its money.

Other odd items that have been up for auction or sale include 16th century torture devices, a sculpture of supermodel Kate Moss in a contorted position, a pair of Queen Victoria's silk stockings, and abnormally large white truffles.

Here are photos of oddities that have been put up for sale.