John Mayer kicked off his highly anticipated “Born and Raised” tour Saturday evening at Milwaukee’s Marcus Amphitheatre.

"I've spent many, many months dreaming of this night," Mayer told the capacity crowd. “It’s a long time coming.”

While the set was kicked off with “Queen of California,” Mayer’s first single off his fifth studio album, “Born and Raised,” and followed by the Grammy award winning hit “Waiting for the World to Change,” the concert made headlines mostly for the singer’s mid-set song dedication to his pop-princess girlfriend, Katy Perry.

The mention came before the last song of the evening when Mayer noted how Perry ordered food for him when he couldn't speak. "She was so patient," he said, adding that she took the time "to continue to get know me and love me" despite his vocal impairment.

Mayer recently recovered from vocal chord surgery that sidelined him from the music scene for about 20 months.

He then dedicated the evening's final song, "A Face To Call Home," to "Katy, who is my face to call home."

Meanwhile, Saturday’s show, which served as an icebreaker for Mayer’s first tour since he underwent surgery last August, was well received as Rolling Stone writer Dan Hyman wrote that “the singer’s voice sounded strong and confident.”

Despite being away from the stage for nearly two years, Mayer has been productive, releasing a studio album that he told Rolling Stone was his "most significant, meaningful record."

He is reportedly putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming new album, “Paradise Valley” (due Aug. 13).

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