Whether or not you like John Mayer's vocals, most music lovers will agree that he plays a mean guitar and has a blues-like appreciation for the instrument.

To share his love of guitars with fans, John posted a video of himself on his website, announcing that he has collaborated with Fender to make The Black One from his collection available as a reproduction. 

John's guitar collection is rumored contain over 200 guitars, including The Black One. John plans to make a super limited edition custom shop master-built version of The Black One available, as well as a less expensive version. 

In the video announcement, the Grammy winner says, So today I'm meeting with Mike Eldred and Justin Norvell from Fender Custom Shop and we're talking about something we've kicked around for two, three years. 

We are going to recreate this black guitar, which I call The Black One... We're going to recreate this in two different ways, two different models. One of them: super-limited edition, master-built, custom shop, like dead-on balls accurate, as you see it. 

And the other one - because I don't want to say to fans, 'Hey, you can own my guitar, it's six grand, there's 83 of them, go for it!' I think I want to do 83 of the custom-shop master built version and then offer (a more affordable version), an unlimited production line version of it. 

He says of the less expensive option, Come as close as you can to the vibe and the sound and the feel and also make it available to most people who want to own a really quality guitar. 

The Black One, as John calls it, is his main black stratosphere guitar, which he played during his moving tribute of Human Nature at the recent memorial service for Michael Jackson. 

There are no details yet when The Black One replica will be made available.