John Taylor, FX Concepts Founder Chairman & CEO, spoke this morning on Bloomberg TV reiterating his comments made on CNBC last week June 2, Buy US Dollars.

The following are the highlights of the discussion with the video in its entirety from Bloomberg:

  • Global equities on the brink of downtrend that will last till the end of the year
  • Risk Off
  • Europe/US doing badly, China not sure
  • Sell off not temporary
  • Cycle has turned, government cut back on fiscal stimulus, QE2 has ended
  • Bullish YEN, Bullish Dollar, Bearish Commodities, Bearish Equities
  • Was short dollar but now long dollars about a week & a half ago
  • 3 or 4 more days till dollar gets stronger on some sort of catalyst
  • Currently very dangerous markets
  • Time to short EURO, Long YEN
  • Can't figure out new Greece agreement, very confused Europe
  • QE3 uncertainty, a week or 2 more to go about uncertainty and then buy US Dollars
  • QE3 not coming back, it's the real wild card