The news of Jon Bon Jovi's supposed death broke yesterday, but thousands are still searching the Internet to find out if the Living on a Prayer rocker was dead.

Twitter, the social networking site that helped start the Bon Jovi Dead rumors, was also the site of speculation, grief and hilarity in the day following Jon Bon Jovi's alleged heart attack.

Reading through Twitter feeds following the article International Rockstar Legend Jon Bon Jovi Dead at 49 is an exercise in fan love for Bon Jovi, in Twitter users' perfect blend of cynicism and incredulity... and, of course, in the news-spreading power of Twitter itself.

Below, here are the top Twitter reactions to the news that Jon Bon Jovi was dead, but the shocking first few hours through the mingled relief and annoyance of this afternoon.

When Jon Bon Jovi Dead First Broke:

  • MalinAkerman: Unbelievable...RIP JBJ. Cheers to many fond memories thanks to you. You will be greatly missed.
  • TammyRenaeWoodruff: WTF..> Tell me it aint true... Please someone tell me please it aint true... jon Bon Jovi found dead... OH if this is a joke... Not a cool joke... now im goign back to bed .. Crying?? :( that is sooooooooooooo sad i loved him so....... Not cool Wow we had some really great times... RIP XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOX... <3
  • Tina: What a shocking turn of events. Jon Bon Jovi is dead at 49. I am in shock to my roots. So long to a great rocker. Rock on forever Jon. RIP!

Some Are Less Affected:

  • indiebyrd: Hey guys? Um if Jon Bon Jovi was really dead I'm pretty sure that all of New Jersey would be in mourning. #JustSaying
  • JasonIsbell: Nobody wants a dead Bon Jovi #refuteBonJovilyrics
  • metroedmonton: At least three killed after small plane crashes on New Jersey highway [] not Bon Jovi?!?
  • Danny: Finally I'm the only man Sara is in love with. Jon Bon Jovi - RIP. I knew I'd win herin the end.

Comforting Loved Ones:

  • nayshamarie: My mom read something that said that bon jovi died & she started hysterically crying
  • Blocked: Thanks for the bon jovi hoax. Got my girl crying y I have no clue? It's not like she knew him.

When Jon Bon Jovi took to Facebook and then to Twitter to refute the celebrity death hoax rumors, Twitter users again took to their favorite social media networking site to disseminate the news... and make light of the fact that Bon Jovi was not, in fact, dead.

Jon Bon Jovi in New Jersey:

  • mtabini: Jon Bon Jovi reported alive. His good music is still reported missing.
  • ScuzzTV: Jon Bon Jovi cannot be killed by conventional weapons. Also, don't get him wet or feed him after midnight.
  • Proteautype: Jon Bon Jovi is NOT dead. His manager has confirmed he is (a) halfway there; and (b) residing on a prayer.
  • misterschrock: Bon Jovi's not dead?! Collective sigh amongst the cougar community.
  • Beez_ : Jon Bon Jovi can only be killed by silver bullets.
  • SupermanTweets: Just saved Jon Bon Jovi with this tweet: He is alive.

'This Internet Hoax Won't Die.'

Of course, there were some who were still somewhat behind the curve. As papers like The LA Times post articles with the title This Internet hoax won't die, these two gems were posted only 12 minutes ago, roughly 19 hours after Jon Bon Jovi put a new photo of himself in Heaven on Facebook.

  • Judoflares: Just heard john bon jovi is dead... Don't seem to be an any papers though
  • Jewster: RIP to an amazing man and another rocker who died too soon and was a a major innovator, actor, humanist of his time