Is Jon Gosselin ready to make his second walk down the aisle? The former “Jon and Kate Plus 8” reality star had a very public and messy divorce from his first wife, Kate Gosselin, but that doesn’t seem to have deterred the dad of eight from thinking about marriage.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Jon said he wouldn’t mind tying the knot for a second time. The 38-year-old TV star turned DJ has been with his girlfriend Colleen Conrad for nine months. When asked about the possibility of him popping the question to the registered nurse, he didn't completely write off the idea. “I don’t know. Never say never!" he said. "You never know, for me I’m super spontaneous.”

While Jon did not disclose any imminent plans to get married, he did share that Colleen has been introduced to his kids he shares with Kate; Mady and Cara, 14, and Aaden, Collin, Leah, Alexis, Joel and Hannah, 11. “Colleen and I are doing great, the kids are getting along well together, [and I’m] just living a normal life and DJing," he said.

Despite his kids being introduced to Colleen, Jon revealed that his eldest girls have not met Colleen’s children from a previous relationship. “My custody is really strange,” Jon said, explaining why his twins have not been introduced to Colleen’s college-aged son and teenage daughter. “My custody with them is just like go out to dinner or whatever and then go home.” Jon said his girls are wrapped  up in their schoolwork and, of course, filming for Kate’s “Kate Plus 8" TLC specials.

Jon and Kate, now 40, divorced in 2009 after 10 years of marriage. Their split came one year after they renewed their vows in Hawaii in front of their children and TLC viewers. The ceremony aired as part of a “Jon and Kate Plus 8” episode.

Unlike Jon who has been open about his dating life post divorce, Kate has not. The Gosselin matriarch was most recently linked to billionaire businessman Jeff Prescott. After reports surfaced earlier this month that he dumped her, Kate spoke out against the rumors, saying, “Gotta b in a relationship in order 2 break up!"