Mad Men star Jon Hamm was robbed while in London with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt earlier this month. Here's what went down.

Hamm, the man who won America over with his masterful portrayal of Don Draper on the hit AMC show, and Westfeldt fell prey to a lone robber while eating dinner in London.

The scofflaw -- who has not been identified by law enforcement authorities -- snatched Jennifer Westfeldt's purse during the pair's meal, and the thief apparently used Westfeldt's stolen room card to break into and rob their London hotel room, according to Life & Style Weekly. Jon Hamm and Westfeldt have not said what was taken from the room.

They were dining at a restaurant and Jennifer's purse was snagged by someone, a source told Life & Style Weekly. That person took the hotel key in Jennifer's purse, which had the hotel name on it, and robbed their room. They had to contact the police, it was horrible.

Westfeldt said that the robbery had indeed occurred, according to the magazine:

What a mess... [I'm not feeling] great, she said. It is under investigation.

And a representative for Mad Men leading man Jon Hamm confirmed the robbery as well, according to E! Online, but said, I can't comment as it is an ongoing investigation.

The exact date of the robbery is unknown, according to E!, but it took place while Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm were in London doing promotions for their new movie Friends With Kids, which Westfeldt wrote, directed and co-starred in alongside Hamm.

Westfeldt told Life & Style that she had been concerned about working alongside her significant other as such experiences can put strain on a relationship, but that in the end it was a positive experience for the couple:

Some people would say they could never work with their partner, but we found it incredibly bonding, she said. Independent films are so stressful; it feels like pushing a boulder up a hill. So it felt great to have a partner in crime.

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have been together since 1997, but as far as anyone knows this is the first time they have been robbed while dining.

Press play below to watch a trailer video for Jennifer Westfeldt's new film, Friends With Kids, starring Westfeldt and her boyfriend, Jon Hamm: