Well-known UFC fighters Georges St-Pierre and Jon “Bones” Jones had an awkward encounter at a Super Bowl postgame party.

The incident reportedly occurred outside Marquee nightclub in New York City, TMZ reports. The website’s reporter asked St-Pierre if he was aware that Jones, who currently holds UFC’s Light Heavyweight championship, was also waiting in line.

Jones was standing directly behind St-Pierre, but appeared to signal to the cameraman that he didn’t want to talk to St-Pierre. TMZ’s reporter ignored the signal and asked St-Pierre if he and Jones planned to party together.

St-Pierre then turned around to face Jones, who broke into a smile and embraced his fellow UFC fighter. “Let’s go,” Jones said, gesturing toward the entrance of the nightclub. The two men entered the Super Bowl party together.

It’s unclear if St-Pierre and Jones have any longstanding feud -- they haven’t engaged in any sort of public dispute, were once part of the same stable of fighters and they each compete in different weight classes. SB Nation’s MMA Mania blog points out the possibility that Jones didn’t want to be seen entering the club by anyone, and that his reaction had nothing to do with St-Pierre.

This wasn’t the only time that Jones made headlines this week. Upon learning that George Zimmerman planned to participate in a celebrity boxing match in March, “Bones” took to Twitter to state his interest in being the opponent. “If this ‘celebrity’ boxing match wasn’t in march, I’d gladly oblige Zimmerman,” he said.

Jones’s awkward encounter with St-Pierre outside of a Super Bowl party can be viewed below, courtesy of TMZ.