Jon Stewart accused Megyn Kelly of flipping-flopping on maternity leave on The Daily Show.

Kelly was attacked while on maternity leave by conservative radio talk show host Mike Gallagher, who balked at the idea that she got time off after giving birth and called the concept of maternity leave a "racket."

When she came back from maternity leave, she confronted Wallace.

Kelly's argument is that mothers deserve three months off - after nine months of pregnancy - for bonding with the newborn and recovering from pregnancy. Moreover, the U.S. is actually "in the dark ages" when it comes to maternity leave because it's the only developed country not to legally mandate paid maternity leave.

Stewart, however, pointed out that Kelly has been consistently against entitlements, of which maternity leave is an example.

Kelly called entitlement programs the "first steps towards socialism," argued that the free market should dictate benefits given, and categorized mandated benefits as government overreach.

Below is a video of Stewart accusing Kelly of hypocrisy.