Jones Soda Co., manufacturer and distributor of premium beverages, recently announced the availability of its WhoopAss™ energy drink in the Canadian market. The company also announced a one-year sponsorship deal with professional football team, the Toronto Argonauts.

Jones Soda was launched in the Canadian market in 1996. Bill Meissner, CEO of Jones, commented on the company’s ties with Canada and how its deal with the Argonauts supports the team, as well as Jones Soda.

“Jones has roots dating back to Canada, and many of our biggest fans are Canadian, so we are always looking for opportunities to integrate in the market and give back,” Meissner stated in the press release. “Our partnership with the Argonauts will help introduce our popular WhoopAss energy drink internationally, and we couldn’t think of a better way to do than with a tough football team.”

Jones Soda has a reputation for unique, grassroots marketing, such as the partnership with the Argonauts, which provides Jones Soda with a cash sponsorship to the Argonauts in exchange for integrated marketing and promotional initiatives, including giveaways, branded merchandise, contests and more.

Jones Soda will hold product tastings outside Roger Centre’s main entrance, and the Argonauts will be included in certain Jones Soda’s advertising campaigns.

“The young and fun appeal of the Jones brand is a key component of our partnership, as it perfectly aligns with our fan base,” David Bedford, vice-president of marketing and communications for the Toronto Argounauts stated. “We’ve been partnering with them since 2009, it’s been a great success, and we’re eager to continue the momentum.”

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