Jose Baez, the defense attorney for Casey Anthony, will give his first and only interview since Anthony's release from prison on Fox News Sunday night.

The interview will air exclusively on Fox's Geraldo Rivera tonight at 10 p.m. ET in the first portion of the show. Geraldo Rivera also conducted the first Jose Baez interview after Anthony was acquitted.

Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty of all charges related to the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony, was released from prison in the wee hours Sunday morning. Accompanied by Baez,  she left the prison around midnight in an SUV while protesters yelled at her You suck and baby killer.

Since her release, Baez and others have been quiet about Anthony's whereabouts and future plans.

This Jose Baez interview will be the first and only since Anthony has been released. Baez was spotted last Tuesday dining with Geraldo Rivera and Richard Hofstetter, partner and entertainment division head for Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, in New York, according to the New York Daily News.