Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust, two of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's” stars, talked to the producer of the show, Mona Scott-Young, about their relationship with Stevie J before the reunion show, according to MissJia.

Surprisingly, Mimi Faust explained that she wasn’t even mad at Joseline Hernandez and understood how Stevie J could have manipulated her:

“I don’t blame her. I blame him. She’s a victim. She got caught up. She’s young. She’s vulnerable. She had a rough upbringing [like me.]

“He knows exactly what to do and to say, pull the right strings and this, that and the third. Come on now. I’m not stupid. I know how the game goes.

“Young girl, she’s trying to make it. She wants to come out of the situation she’s in (which was not very good). She came from being a stripper. He’s promising her this, that and the third. I can give you this career.

“He put her on television and made her a star. So, do I blame her? No. She’s going to do whatever the f**k he says do. Tap dance whenever he says tap dance. I don’t blame her. I see the process.”

The two reality starlets did not interview together, so Joseline Hernandez is most likely not aware of what Faust has said.

In her own interview, Joseline Hernandez explained that at one point Stevie J did have control over her but no longer does —regarding how he wanted her to keep their intimate relationship a secret in the beginning of the show.

But Hernandez seems to back pedal when she tells Scott-Young that she will always be in Stevie J’s life.

“Stevie and I are going to be in each other's life forever, whether it’s personal relationship or business relationship. We’re always going to be friends and we’re always going to be there for each other no matter what he decides to do or I decide to do.”

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