Houston police have identified the 6-month-old baby they discovered stuffed inside a refrigerator on Wednesday as Joseph Elijah Mouton.

Approximately 8 a.m. on Wednesday, officers were called to the The University Apartments, but they needed to force their way into the apartment. A man had been threatening to kill himself inside.

I got a hold of maintenance and they ended up kicking the door in, neighbor Evette Williams told KPRC-TV. Found the guy laying on the floor and no baby.

Sgt. Ora Chandler of Houston's homicide's division said that inside the apartment, they discovered a man had several self-inflicted wounds. They also said there was clear evidence a child there, which concerned the responding officers.

There were some items that were indicative that a child was living there at some point, Chandler said, reported KSEE 24.

The man, identified as the boy's father began crying out that he killed his baby, reported the Houston Chronicle.

They began searching the apartment, wondering if the man was telling the truth. They discovered baby Joseph in the refrigerator. The father confessed that he put his son in there approximately 6 p.m. Tuesday night, reported the Daily Mail.

The identity of the father is being withheld by police. Charges are pending against the father, while an autoposy is being conducted on the baby to determine the cause of death.

Very shocking for the most part. Never thought something like this would happen. He was good with his baby, you know? He was happy, Williams said. I really can't say much. It's just devastating to me.

Approximately one month ago, the baby's mother and father had separated. The mother had moved to Clear Lake to care for a relative, reported UPI.  The mother said that when she moved out, she could not afford to care for the child and trusted the father with him.

Up until this point, he had appeared to be a good father and because of her own issues, she decided this would be a temporary solution to her problem, Chandler said, reported the Daily Mail. But she planned to come here to actually take the child today.

However, she admitted that the father also had a history of substance abuse and domestic violence, reported UPI.

As a mom, she's in shock, Chandler said. This is obviously something she never expected.

Chandler said that this type of case is very shocking, not only to the family but to the detectives and the community.

This is absolutely a beautiful baby, Chandler said. This is one of those cases that really kind of tugs at your heart.