Lance Armstrong shot back against 60 Minutes condemning the program of disregarded journalistic ethics in its handling of the doping allegation segment on the seven time Tour de France winner.

Armstrong, represented by his lawyer Timothy Herman wrote an open letter Jeff Fager, CBS News Chairman, accusing the news program of ignoring journalistic due diligence in its dealings with the cyclist.

According to Herman, 60 Minutes failed to tell Armstrong who his accusers were, despite requests from Armstrong on three separate occasions going back as far as a month, for 60 Minutes to reveal their names.  Instead, Herman claims, 60 Minutes forced Armstrong to respond to anonymous accusers.

Herman claims that the news organization put Armstrong in an impossible situation of not being able to respond to anything since his accuser could be any one of the 650 teammates and collegues.

Said Herman, Without knowing who is saying what, Mr. Armstrong has no reasonable way to separate fact from fiction.

He concludes that the actions of 60 Minutes, is a serious breach of the most fundamental journalistic principles.

60 Minutes revealed on Thursday that Lance Armstrong is being accused by former teammate and Olympic champion Tyler Hamilton of doping using EPO, a blood-boosting steroid.  Hamilton will appear in a special 60 minutes segment this Sunday.