The Yen rose last week against all the major currencies. The Yen appreciated about 350 pips against the Dollar, sending the USD/JPY pair as low as the 90.16 level. The Yen also soared around 200 pips against the Euro and about 350 pips against the Pound, marking an all around bullish session.

The Yen's sharp bullish movements last week appears to be a correction to the over-weak Yen. It is a widely known that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) sees the weak Yen as the main tool to support the Japanese exporters in the attempt to recover the economy. Japan continues to hold the lowest Interest Rates in the industrial world, and the BoJ is making other steps as well, all in the effort to weaken the Yen. The key target that exporters are holding for the USD/JPY pair is around 94.50, and a lower rate might have severe consequences on the Japanese economy. However for now it seems that investors are still seeing the Yen as a safer haven then most of the major currencies and thus the JPY continues to strengthen.

As for the week ahead, The Japanese Interest Rates for September will be declared on Thursday. The BoJ is likely to leave interest rates, also knows as Overnight Call Rate at 0.10%. However, in case that the BoJ will surprise and will choose to alter rates, this is likely to have a large impact on the Yen. Either way, traders are advised to follow the press conference which is expected short after, as some interesting slues regarding future monetary system might be scattered.