The Japanese yen rose versus other major currencies on Wednesday as a fall in Chinese shares made investors cautious about returning to risky investments. The Yen climbed to its strongest level in 3 weeks against the U.S. Dollar after China's benchmark stock index fell into a so-called bear market, reigniting concern that the global economic recovery is stalling.

China's main stock index, which tracks the bigger of China's stock exchanges, slumped 4.3%, leading other Asian bourses lower and boosting demand for the Yen as a refuge. The Yen typically rises during times of financial turmoil because Japan's trade surplus reduces the nation reliance on foreign capital. The JPY also gained against all 16 major counterparts after the Daily Telegraph cited Hartmut Schauerte, the economic state secretary, saying Germany is preparing measures with the Bundesbank in anticipation of a new credit crunch wave early next year.