(12:15 GMT - 07/12/07)
It's the end of the week and a day that all were waiting for, the final round before the FOMC decision where confusion will finally settle where it will come down to the jobs report to diminish expectations in which a rate cut will be decided on accordingly. The dollar inclined this week after some jobs related to data hinted for improvement.

As for the ECB, policy makers decided not to join in cutting interest rates keeping rates steady at 4.00% despite the fact that inflation rate increased above the 2% target. The Euro inclines against the US dollar awaiting for the jobs report to give its final word to record a high of 1.4657 and a low of 1.4598.

This past week, the Pound has fallen against all most-actively traded currencies after the policy makers lowered interest rates by 25bp to 5.50% yesterday. However today, the GBP is now inclining against the US dollar to record a high of 2.0342 and a low of 2.0223, taking position before the US Jobs report in which expectations are for a further drop in employment

The Yen extended its decline and slipped against the US dollar on concern eases over the credit crisis losses, in which investors were encouraged to buy higher yielding assets funded by loans in Japan thus supporting the Yen's decline. The pair continues to rise since early this morning to record a high of 111.64 and a low of 111.18.

The US economy today will release a few important fundamentals, however, what's grapping the spotlight is the jobs report due later today in which a drop is expected