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Fine Jewelry: Judith Ripka is known for her unique interpretation of precious metals, especially 18k gold, and richly colored gemstones. By combining her expertise with a keen eye for concept and continuity, each piece is designed to fit her guidelines for timeless jewelry so her creations are relevant today as well as 20 years from now.

Large, precious stones are featured in her pieces, just as small, intricately cut diamonds in a wide array of colors. Her collections range from bangles, delicately set with small tones, to her stunning, large Monaco rings, containing large stones ranging from sapphires to onyx. 

All the designs, from the classic to the playful, retain Judith Ripka's sense of dramatic style, and constant elegance, and this is especially apparent in the 18k Couture Collection's Monaco series and their stunning Ambrosia Town & Country bracelets. 

The Town & Country bracelets are not your typical linked bracelets. The soft links allow them fluid movement on your wrist, making them both comfortable and different from other linked jewelry. 

The bracelets are both bold and subdued, showcasing Judith's organic eye for design. Their boldness comes from their striking, luxurious impact due to their wide array of precious stones and stunning color clarity. The stones have been carefully chosen to play well off one another, creating bracelets with warmer or cooler themes, lending them high wearability and increasing the importance of accessorizing.

Judith Ripka has chosen a dizzying array of stones for each of the bracelets. For example, her Ambrosia Bracelet featuring a cooler color theme comprised of 18k yellow gold, white diamonds, blue diamonds, Tsavorite, mint green quartz, Celidone Moonstone, white Moonstone, turquoise, blue Chalcedony, aquamarine and opals. 

For more than 30 years, Judith Ripka has been turning her passion for lavish materials and jewelry design into collections that have had critics, celebrities and aficionados alike captured by their unrivaled luxury. Her pieces are designed to last, turning precious pieces into heirlooms that will be influential elements to your wardrobe years, even decades, from now.

Just one example of her extensive experience and ability, the Ambrosia Town & Country bracelets are truly high-impact and high-luxury, priced at $33,000 each.