Juhl Wind, www.juhlwind.com – the Woodstock, Minnesota-based wind farm solutions provider, continues to be a shining example of what is possible when the framework of community driven wind infrastructure is properly developed. Today the company announced that the $42M Adams Wind Project in Meeker County, MN recently finalized construction and set an official date for commercial operation.

Chairman and CEO of JUHL, Dan Juhl, noted that the project came in on time and under budget, attributing the masterful execution of such a sizeable and complex project in a matter of months to the dedicated efforts of the assembled team and the Company’s emphasis on providing services to every aspect of the development cycle.

The Company originally announced development in December of 2009 and began construction the following year in October, then acting as developer and owner’s representative for the construction phase of the Adams Wind Project.

Always a leader in community innovation, JUHL has utilized one of the Company’s “Community Wind” structures at the Adams Project, benefitting the local community by allowing local landowners to share in the ownership of the facility.

The Adams Project is based around a solid core of 12 Alstom ECO 86 Wind Turbine Generators, praised by Dan Juhl for long-term dependability and the site will sell clean energy to Xcel Energy via a 20-year, 19.8 MW power purchase agreement that further reinforce the Company’s already strong footprint in the wind farm sector.

Dan Juhl cited the recent sale of the 20 MW Grant County wind farm and bounty of other projects nearing completion, in conjunction with development of the Adams Project, as constituting a very solid financial footing for JUHL throughout 2011.

VP and General Manager at Alstom North America, Andy Geissbuehler, cheered the opportunity to work with Dan and his expert team again to bring the proven and battle-tested performance capabilities of Alstrom turbines to bear on the Adams project.

President of JUHL, John Mitola, underscored the Company’s strategy of nurturing all phases of a wind farm project from development and construction through to operation, holding Adams up as a perfect case history of this strategy in action.

Mitola emphasized that this rigorous approach to ensuring maximized return on capital investment, by skillfully guiding the development cycle via performance in a variety of different roles, JUHL has been able to navigate choppy economic seas, successfully steering six major projects through to fruition.