Julianne Hough attended a Halloween party at Casamigos Tequila on Friday night dressed as 'Crazy Eyes' from Netflix original series "Orange is the New Black." To say that her decision stirred controversy may be an understatement. The actress applied dark brown make-up on her face to look like Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren from the show. Hough also darkened her blonde hair, and bundled it on top of her head to imitate Warren's hair style

She also had on an orange jumpsuit, and an ID tag with the name Crazy Eyes on it, with several of her friends behind her also dressed in orange jumpsuits. Although this may not have been the best decision for the dancer turned singer, she's not the only celebrity to make a bad decision at Halloween. 

Kim Kardashian looked eerily like her mother, Kris Jenner, one Halloween when she decided it was a good idea to dress up like her. Well, it wasn't. 


Then there was the time Mariah Carey dressed up as her rapper nemesis Eminem. Unlike Hough, Carey had to lighten her face for the costume. Carey even added a small patch of facial hair, raising the creepy level even more. 


And then there was that Halloween where Perez Hilton dressed up as Lady Gaga, which might have been just as bad as Julianne Hough painting herself black. At least Hilton lost a little bit of weight for his role as the pop queen. 


Perhaps the worst decision you could ever make is dressing up as one of the most hated people in history. That's exactly what Ricky Gervais did when he dressed up as Hitler.