The effects of the recession has caused global airlines to cut capacity for eleven successive months, the month of June however is seen as the silver lining on the cloud where the capacity cut was less as airlines expect an increase in travel over the summer.

Passengers scheduled 4 percent fewer flights for the June 2009 compared to that of a year earlier. Global airlines also have 6.7 million fewer seats according to reports from aviation data provider; OAG.

As the Northern Hemisphere begins its summer holiday season, the airline community is curbing its capacity cuts in anticipation of a welcome boost in air travel” , said David Beckerman, vice president OAG Market Intelligence.

“However shouldn't assume that this is the start of recovery and growth; the outlook remains uncertain and figures are still down year-on-year, but it does indicate a glimmer of economic confidence”, he added.

Last month, the year-on-year global frequency and capacity figures were down by 5% and 3% respectively.