Jobless rates increased in June in more than half of the U.S. states, Labor Department data released Friday shows. The report says 28 states and the District of Columbia had unemployment increases in June from the previous month.

Nevada showed an unemployment rate increase in one month of .3 percent, as the rate climbed from 12.1 percent in May to 12.4 percent in June.

Recent weakness at the national level may be trickling into the Silver State, said Bill Anderson, chief economist with the Nevada Department of Employment, in a statement.

States where jobs where the most jobs were lost in June from the previous month, raising unemployment rates:

1. Tennessee (-16,900 jobs)

2. Missouri (-15,700 jobs)

3. Virginia (-14,600 jobs)

4. North Carolina (-9,500 jobs)

5. Kansas (-7,500 jobs)

States with the highest June unemployment rates include:

1.Nevada (12.4 percent)

2. California (11.8 percent)

3 Rhode Island (10.8 percent)

5. Florida (10.6 percent)

States with the lowest June unemployment rates include:

1. North Dakota (3.2 percent)

2. Nebraska (4.1 percent)

3. South Dakota (4.8 percent)

4. New Hampshire (4.9 percent)

5. Oklahoma (5.3 percent)